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The progressive education regime of the institution is not just restricted to academics but extends to sports and co-curricular activities as well. BZS in its quest towards all-round wellness of its students believes in striking the right balance between mind, body and spirit that kindles the competitive streak and sportsmanship.


The school offers world class sports infrastructure for Cycle Polo, Horse Riding, Cricket, Basketball, Volleyball, Taekwondo, Badminton and Table Tennis. An indoor gaming compound ensures grey matter workout with Carrom, Chess, Scrabble, Sudoku and various other board games.

Regular yoga and meditation classes help develop the virtues of stillness and mindfulness, thereby promoting stress-free living. A unique intervention in the form of 'The Healthy Kids Program' monitors the health and nutritional index of every student and lays the foundation for a lifelong healthy way of life.


Shakespeare once said that “If music be the food of life, play on”. BZS under the tutelage of expert musicians provides expert musical training to its students ranging from Indian Classical to Jazz and Contemporary. Assigning it as a curriculum mandate, BZS ensures that every student gets involved in music education.

The school also takes tremendous pride in its Pipe and Brass Band - the band that marches forward to win many accolades every year.

In pursuit of introducing its students to the vibrant cultural legacy of India, we lay prominence on the teaching of Indian Classical Dancing Styles Like Kathak and Bharatnatyam. To help grow alongside the burgeoning world music culture, this even broadens to fusion with western music and dance forms that not only enhances the physical and kinetic awareness among students but also encourages aesthetic appreciation of global art forms in children.

An integral part of the co-curricular framework at BZS is the emphasis given to Arts and Crafts. From the visual arts to intricate craftwork, the entire gamut of artistic engagements helps the children develop a creative perspective and find newer ways of self-expression.

Social Responsibility

The institution envisages a student community that values education and is also sensitized to its social responsibilities and duties towards the nation and the world as a whole. The school endeavors to develop strong personal qualities and robust character that would make the students the ‘flag bearers’ of a progressive nation. To help shape its students into better individuals, the school grants great significance to Life Skills Training, Spiritual Awareness, Community Welfare and Environmental Responsibility through value driven social campaigns like simulated civic plays such as  'Nukkad Natak' addressing the Cleanliness Drive, Traffic Safety etc.

Nature and Us (Eco-Warriors)

A plantation drive ‘Har Ghar Ek Paudha’ aiming at planting 50,000 trees across the city started with a socially responsible initiative taken by our students during the national record building event ‘Main Bhi Gandhi’. 6700 students, from our group schools, participated in this event dressed as Mahatma Gandhi forming Map of India.


Social campaigns prepare youngsters to participate in positive social messaging and cultural reconstruction.

We need to educate the young generation about environmental hazards like global warming, ozone depletion, pollution and climate change are the greatest threats to mankind. It is critical and in the strong common interest to maintain and boost tree cover to mitigate deforestation, forest degradation, safeguard biodiversity habitats, conserve energy sources and most importantly avail clean unpolluted air.

The whole campaign is our humble effort and a pledge to take care of the plant which would help in restoring ecological balance and enhance the green cover.

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