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Bridging Tradition and Modernity  

Welcome to BZS School! 

Rooted in Indian/Rajasthani traditions and culture, BZS, a heritage world school, seamlessly blends the richness of our heritage with a global perspective.


Our students not only embrace the core values of humanity but also acquire the skills essential for a joyous and successful life, both professionally and personally.

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Brigadier Thakur Zabar Singh, MOBE, the last Commanding Officer of Jodhpur State Forces, leaves a lasting legacy rooted in equanimity, education, and unwavering support for soldier families.


Born into the lineage of Sir Pratap Singh of Idar, his early 20th-century influence resonates through financial aid, livelihoods, and education for widows and orphans. 


A heritage school with a proud history, time-tested, and focused on nurturing students to become successful and happy individuals in all spheres of life. BZS School's decades of experience have resulted in a balanced curriculum, which is:


  • Aligned with the National Education Policy 2020 

  • Focus on FIVE Aspects of Holistic Development Ensuring Student Wellbeing 

  • Year-round Parent-Student Engagement 

  • Balanced in Academics and Co-curricular Activities 

  • Focuses on Inter-disciplinary and Expeditionary Learning, Facilitating Hands-on Learning. 

Academic Excellence 

NEP 2020-Aligned Program: Our academics embrace NEP 2020, focusing on comprehensive and experiential learning. 

Engaging Methodologies: Diverse approaches challenge and motivate learners of all ages across subjects. 

Inquiry-Based Learning: Encourages independent and collaborative exploration, fostering respect for diverse ideas. 

Innovative Techniques: Flipped classrooms, project-based learning, role play, and interactive experiments enhance daily engagement. 

Beyond the Classroom - Setting Us Apart

Vantage: Extended School Program: Preparing and nurturing students in all spheres of learning and sports.


Smart Digital School: Smart Classes, Smart Boards, and an all-in-one App for seamless learning and parental involvement. 

Sports & Activities: Regular and integrated sports are well-

supported and encouraged at our school. 

Teacher Guardian Program: Emphasis on communication, workshops, meets, and periodic individual sit-downs. 

Academic Societies and Clubs: Develop students in collaborative, creative, and problem-solving skills. 


Our Vantage Extended School Program goes beyond traditional methods, offering a rounded education.


Rooted in high teaching standards, it provides extra time for students without the burden of additional homework, allowing for growth, development, and quality family time.


We are passionate about sports at BZS. Team games are integrated into the pattern of the week, encouraging the development of skills in Cricket, Volleyball, Cycle Polo, Horse Riding, Table Tennis, Martial Arts, Basketball and Athletics.


Regular competitive fixtures are well supported, encouraging team spirit, collective responsibility, and high personal standards—all attributes that can prove invaluable in future life. 


Believing in the importance of cultural immersion, our school organizes educational visits and excursions.

Led by teachers, these experiences provide safe and enriching insights into the world beyond the classroom, allowing students to explore the cultural and traditional roots of Indian society.


Nation-Building Values: Life Skills Training, Spiritual Awareness, and Community Welfare are focal points. Civic plays like 'Nukkad Natak' address cleanliness, traffic safety, and more. 

Nature and Us (Eco-Warriors): Our 'Har Ghar Ek Paudha' plantation drive, part of the 'Main Bhi Gandhi' national record event, aimed to plant 50,000 trees across the city. 

Environmental Advocacy:  Our campaign addresses global warming, ozone depletion, pollution, and climate change, aiming to maintain and boost tree cover for a healthier planet. 


Established in 1988, the NCC continues to meet contemporary requirements, aiming to instil character, comradeship, discipline, a secular outlook, spirit of adventure, and ideals of selfless service among young citizens. 

For Class XI and XII students, the school hosts the NCC Senior Wing, currently comprising 80 cadets from Raj Armd Sqn NCC. Successful training results in the awarding of NCC 'B' certificates annually, fostering a sense of duty, commitment, dedication, and discipline—especially beneficial for students aspiring to join the Armed forces. 


  •  Archery & Shooting  

  • ️ Special Defence Career Classes 

  •  Military, RIMC, NDA Affiliations

A BZS Student is

Brimming with moral courage, integrity, and self-respect. 

Confident, a problem solver, able to work independently and collaboratively. 

A proud future citizen contributing to the success of society. 

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Join BZS for a Journey of Excellence!

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