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Rajmata Sahiba

 Her Highness Rajmata Krishna Kumari Ji  of Marwar hailed for her indomitable spirit was the epitome of grace, strength and progressive mind. She was a great visionary and worked with great determination and enthusiasm  for the empowerment of the girls of Marwar.

Brigadier Zabar Singh Senior Secondary Public School, under aegis of His Highness Maharaja Gaj Singh Ji of Marwar, is honored to take forward the modern and ingenious  mindset of Rajmata Sahiba by hosting the first of its kind girls’ cricket tournament in Jodhpur.

Cricket is our national amusement, played , watched and loved by millions. It is also a fun and social sport to play that’s easy to learn . This tournament  will develop leadership, discipline,  confidence, physical and mental strength in our bright and young girls.

The objective of the tournament is to welcome participation no matter what the level of skills of these amateur cricketers. To this extent, all participants are encouraged to help new teams whose players may or may not have well-honed cricketing skills. Please encourage the girls with constructive and positive feedback, which will further develop their  interest and motivate them to pursue the sport in earnest.

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Format of the Tournament
Knock Out
Woods Cricket Tennis Ball
Girls from Class VI to X
Number of Players
16 players in each team
Pitch type
Hard wicket
BZS Campus , Near Lancer Line Railway Crossing , BJS Colony, Jodhpur


  1. There should be 16 players in each team.

  2. The tournament will be played by knock out basis.

  3. Matches will be played with Woods Cricket Tennis Ball.

  4. Bowling Spell at BZS Campus will be from both ends.

  5. The decision of the umpire will be final and binding.

  6. The coaches of the teams are requested to not comment or pass remarks while the team is playing in the field as it is against the Code of Conduct of the game.

  7. The match may be rescheduled in case of rain or weather conditions affect play.

  8. It is mandatory to have the team coach tO be present,before the start of the game.

  1. School ID

  2. Aadhar Card

  3. Copies of all 2 documents are to be submitted along with the
    Tournament Enrolment

  4. Original documents to be carried for all matches


The School will be organizing a cricket camp in the month of December to help the teams get accustomed to the pitch and ground and have some fun and friendly practice sessions.

  • Cricket is played between two teams each made up of eleven players.

  • Games comprise of at least one innings where each team will take turns in batting and fielding/bowling.

  • The fielding team will have a bowler bowl the ball to the batswoman who tries to hit the ball with her bat.

  • The fielding team tries to get the batswoman out by…

    • Hitting the wickets with the ball when bowling

    • Catching a batswoman’s shot on the full

    • Hitting the batswoman’s leg in front of the wicket (LBW)

    • Or hitting the wickets before the batswomen can run to the other end of the pitch

  • The batswoman try to score as many runs as possible before getting out by…

    • Hitting the ball and running between the wickets and making it to the other end before the fielders can hit the wickets with the ball. Each time you run one full length of the pitch it equals 1 run.

    • Hitting the ball to the boundary along the ground is 4 runs.

    • Hitting the ball over the boundary on the full equals 6 runs.

  • The fielding team must get 10 batswomen out before they can change over and start batting.

  • The aim of the game is to score as many runs as possible before the fielding team takes 10 wickets. The team with the most runs wins.

When child starts to play sport it always helps them to enjoy it more if they have a basic level of skill and understanding of the game. They will be able to participate more, have more confidence and this will stay motivated to keep playing and being active. To be a good cricket player requires:

  1.  Good hand eye co-ordination

  2. The ability to throw and catch a ball

  3. Good batting and bowling technique

  4. The ability to concentrate for sometimes long periods of time

Please get in touch with under mentioned if you are interested.

Mrs. Manju Shekhawat – 9799460339

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