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BSZ Sr. Sec. School

Welcome to BZS School. An Institute hailing from a rich legacy of Marwar, providing a safe and happy environment for children to be able to grow at their own pace, while acquiring the education needed to achieve larger gains and happier life.

Our student gets the edge and advantage with a 21 Century Curriculum, top-class Sporting Infrastructure and a Rich Legacy to be proud of. To give your child an advantage and all-round development, CHOOSE BZS School!

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Education & Beyond

We believe greatly in the all-round development of our students.

School Timings


08:30 am to 12:30 pm

07:10 am to 01:20 pm


07:10 am to 01:20 pm


07:10 am to 01:20 pm


09:10 am to 1:10 pm

08:10 am to 02:20 pm


08:10 am to 02:20 pm


08:10 am to 02:20 pm

BSZ Sr. Sec. School


We are immensely grateful for the nurturing environment at BZS. Our child has excelled in public speaking and also discovered different talents because of the VANTAGE program. There are many options to choose from sports and leverage learning.

Mrs. Radhika Sharma

Following are some glimpses of various moments captured at BZS! 

  • I want to apply for a job
    Sure, we welcome you to please submit your resume on and our team will get back to you, depending on the current openings.
  • What are the facilities?
    BZS is a heritage school and lays great emphasis on sports, other co-curricular activities and focuses on overall development of our students. You can read more about it here: Beyond Classroom | BZS School, Jodhpur
  • What is the fees?
    Detailed fee structure is available here: Fee Structure | BZS School, Jodhpur
  • Are the admissions open?
    Yes, currently there are limited seats available.
  • What are the age requirements for admission?
    The age limits for admission are as follows: Nursery: 2½+ Years Kindergarten (KG): 3½+ years Preparatory (Prep): 4½+ years You can see further details from here: Admission Guidelines | BZS School, Jodhpur
  • Is it CBSE?
    Yes, BZS School is affiliated with CBSE.
  • What is the Admission Registration fee? Is it refundable?
    Rs. 500 (Registration fee), non-refundable.
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